Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is one of those places that you see in pictures on Pinterest on in travel magazines and wonder how much of it is photoshopped. It’s just too beautiful to be true. It’s an island on the western coast of Scotland and part of what the call the Hebrides, which is a … More Isle of Skye

Tempelhof Airport

Tempelhof Airport holds a special place in many Berliners’ hearts. It’s a symbol of freedom for many, it’s a huge landmark in the city and a really great public park where anyone can spend the day cycling, running, playing with their dog, or have BBQs and picnics. I guess you wouldn’t expect an old, partially … More Tempelhof Airport

5 Assumptions about Hostels You Should Forget

Hostels are a solid alternative for accomodation when you’re travelling, though many people are afraid of trying it out. It’s hard to imagine a hostel being comfortable, safe or sanitary. You’re sharing a room with sometimes up to 12 other people and it’s dirty cheap. No luxury here right?! Well here are a few myths you … More 5 Assumptions about Hostels You Should Forget