I’m Emilie, a 23 year old Canadian with an incurable case of wanderlust. I am an avid reader, a half-marathon runner, an aspiring filmmaker, I have a fascination for languages, I watch way too many movies and TV shows, and most of all, I am a blogger. I have another blog, Daily Emilie, in which I write mostly about the things happening in my life, like all of the things mentioned above, but it is nothing like this one… This is about my wanderlust, my travel bug, my fernweh, my year(s) abroad, my gap year(s)… whatever you want to call it.

I’ve decided to try to satisfy this wanderlust by moving to Berlin, Germany, where I will be in the centre (ish) of Europe, in order to be able to travel everywhere and anywhere I want. I come from a city called Winnipeg, which hosts about 700,000 people, compared to the 3,5 million that are in Berlin. It will truly feel like coming from a small town in this exciting city that (also) never sleeps.

I studied German in university, which is where I fell in love with the language, the culture, and this amazing country that I can’t wait to live in! I fell in love with Berlin in 2013, when I went there for a university language program. It’s one of those cities that you don’t expect to love… Unlike Paris or Rome, there isn’t much hype about the city as a romantic or beautiful city, but I’m warning you, you will fall head over heels with Berlin, the same way I did. It’s vibrant, full of history, every street corner is so different with so many things to see that I’m sure in a year, I still won’t see it all!

So far, I have visited eighteen countries. I am constantly adding to my list, hopefully filling up my passport way before it expires. This blog is only part of my story… The part where I wander the world, get lost, maybe find my way back, and discover the amazing treasures that this beautiful world has to offer.

**The photo you see on your right was taken by my very talented cousin, Etienne, so all the credit is his.**