5 Hotel Alternatives

A lot of people who travel don’t realize that there are plenty of alternatives to hotels. That’s mostly due to the fact that if you’re booking a flight, there will almost always be an option to book a hotel or a website for hotels right next to the search button. Well today we talk about alternatives to hotels, in case you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to try something new on your next trip.


AirBnb This is a pretty new concept that I honestly totally recommend. People rent out their spare bedrooms or entire apartments to visitors. It’s usually cheaper than a hotel room and you have the privacy and comfort of a real home. Plus you usually get to meet some locals, which is (usually) never a bad thing. airbnb.com

Hostels As you know, I’m a big advocate to hostels. It’s a very cheap accomodation, especially for solo travellers or backpackers, it’s a good way to meet people and they are usually in very good, central locations. hostelworld.com

Camping If you know how and have the equipment, this is a great way to visit as well. Many cities have campgrounds nearby or you can always find people who are willing to let you pitch a tent in their backyard. Gamping.com

Couchsurfing This is another big one for me. If you’re willing to let go of a bit of comfort, you can crash on someone’s couch for free! You get to meet people and sometimes even have someone to explore the city with or go grab a drink together. couchsurfing.com

WWOOFing If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this is a great option. You work on a farm for accomodation and food. You usually don’t make any extra money, but accomodation and food counts for a lot of your budget and again, you’ll get to meet locals and travellers alike. wwoof.com


I’m going to add one more for those travelling in South East Asia, the Pacific or Carribean:

Beach bungalows Sort of like a hotel, you can find these resorts all over. They function like a hotel, except that you get an individual hut or bungalow to yourself, usually right on the beach. It’s a completely different atmosphere than anything mentioned above and it’s definitely something you need to try. For example, when I went to Koh Phangan in Thailand, I stayed at the Seaflower Bungalows.



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