Travel Essentials

When you travel, you quickly learn, through trial-and-error, what are the things you can’t go without and what will make your life so much easier. Here are a few things that have completely changed the way I travel.

Shampoo bar

Lush, $11.95

This is something I would have never thought of taking with me! A bar of shampoo, just like a bar of soap isn’t liquid, which means you can bring it with you on the plane! No more checked luggage for short trips!

Packing cubes

eBags, $25,99

If you’re constantly tired of having to go through your entire suitcase to find an item of clothing and then having to refold everything, well then you need to get yourself a set of packing cubes. They usually fit perfectly into a carry-on suitcase and will make your life so much easier! One cube for underwear, one for accessories and toiletries and the last for the rest of your clothes.

Plastic Bags
It may seem like an obvious one, but plastic bags are SO useful when you travel. Dirty shoes, dirty laundry, wet bathing suit, toiletries, food, souvenirs… You’ll wish you had brought more with you.

Empty travel-size bottles

GoToob, $6,99-$25,99

If you’re not a fan of the shampoo bars, go get yourself some empty travel-size bottles and fill them with your favourites before you go.

I will always bring a scarf on my trips, even if I’m going to the tropics in the middle of the summer. It’s an easy accessory and will keep you warm on the plane.


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