Top 5 things to do in Munich

Munich is a beautiful city in southern Germany, the capital of Bavaria and third largest city in Germany. Most people know Munich for its very good soccer team Bayer-Munich, and for Oktoberfest, though it has much more to offer! If you find yourself in Munich at any other time of year than Oktoberfest, here are a few things you can do.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

Dachau is a small town just outside of Munich which is known for the infamous concentration camp that holds the same name. It’s very easy to access and the entrance is free. I recommend you book an audio guide as there aren’t any signs in the memorial. You can walk in some of the buildings, see the bunkbeds, the offices, the prison and even the gas chambers. It was the first concentration camp to open in Germany and one of the last to close.

Nymphenburg Palace
This gorgeous baroque palace was to summer home of many former rulers and kings of Bavaria. You can spend some time in the huge gardens behind the palace or in the front, and get close to some real live swans.

Bavaria is known for its Oktoberfest festival, so you can’t exactly go to the capital of this beer-drinking festival without trying some! Hofbrauhaus, which has been around since 1589 is the best place to get yourself a “Mass” (a liter) of beer and admire the atmosphere.

BMW Headquaters
Did you know that BMW comes from Munich? Well the world headquarters are there, in a unique 4-cylinder building. You can get a tour of the BMW Worl, museum and plant. Whether you’re a fan of cars or not, it will definitely make for an interesting tour. (You can also explore the Olympic Stadium across the street!)

English Garden
This is a beautiful park in the centre of Munich. It’s one of the largest urban parks in Europe and it’s bigger than New York’s Central Park. You can go sit at the Japanese Tea House or watch the surfers on the river, or go see many of the other monuments, like the Chinese Tower or the Monopteros temple. If you need a break from the busy city, this is the perfect place to be.


For this one, you have to plan a little. It plays at 11am every day (also 12pm and 5pm during the summer). The show lasts about 15 minutes and tells a story from the 16th century. In total, the Glockenspiel uses 43 bells and 32 life-size figures. It’s located in Marienplatz, in the centre of Old-Munich. There you can admire the Town Hall, the New Town Hall, the Marian Tower or sit down for a coffee at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Being Germany’s third largest city, there is so much more than 6 things you can do here, but there five are definitely


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