Meeting People Around the World

The first time I travelled by myself, my biggest worry was being alone. What if I don’t meet anyone?! Well… I realized very quickly just how easy it is to meet people while you’re travelling.

You can ask any backpacker what their favourite thing about travelling is, and I guarantee that the majority of us will say “the people I meet.” When I’m travelling, I constantly find myself striking up conversations with strangers. I have met so many people from across the globe that I know I will stay friends with for life.

Whether you’re couchsurfing, in a hostel, on a tour or simply walking around, you never know who you may encounter on your travels. They could be locals, other travellers or even people from your hometown!

Sometimes it was simply asking someone to take a picture for me and returning the favour, or even spending a bit of time chatting with the tour guide after the tour, or even giving someone a bit of aloe vera! You never know when or where you’ll make friends, but as long as you smile, you’ll never truly be alone while you travel solo.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Here’s just a handful of the people I’ve met from all over the world. Until next time!


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