5 Things NOT to Pack

I’m a very light packer, and it’s not hard to become one as well! When you’re packing for a trip, always remember that you will most likely bring back more than you took with you. Souvenirs add up!
Unless you’re going in the middle of the desert, there’s a good chance that you can buy whatever you forgot to bring or just simply didn’t bring with you. Here are 5 things NOT to pack on your next vacation.


  1. Soap and shampoo bottlesIf you’re staying in a hotel, there will be little shampoo bottles for you! Bottles take up a lot of space and weight in your luggage, plus the possibility of spillage is not a pleasant thought.
  2. Hair tools. I mean… Are you really going to need that straightener? The way I see it, there’s usually a hair-dryer in the hotel room and if you dry your hair with a brush, it can almost haev the same effect as a straightener or curling iron. You’re on vacation! Who are you trying to impress?
  3. Shoes. Of course you need shoes! But do you need 10 pairs? The maximum you should bring is 3 pairs: a comfortable pair for walking, a pair of sandals (or boots if you’re going to a colder country) and some cute flats or heels for a night out.
  4. Food. Imagine… You’re on vacation in a different country and you’re eating pudding and peanut butter, like Charlotte in Sex and the City. Food will take up a lot of space in the luggage and you’ll miss out on some truly fantastic food! Be a little adventurous!
  5. A bikini-a-day. There’s nothing worse than struggling to put on a wet bathing suit, but you don’t need 10. If I can go to Thailand for a month with 2 bikinis (I washed them, don’t worry), I don’t think you’ll need 10 for a week or two.

So there you have it! Of course, this list applies more to people who go to hotels and beach or city vacations where everything is close by and accessible. If you’re going to be using hostels, you need to bring your own shampoo and soap, but even then, you can buy some at the local pharmacy when you arrive.

Just remember: you’re going on vacation to get away, don’t bring your whole house with you as well!


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