Bob the Alien

When I was working at the museum gift shop in Winnipeg, I came across this strangely cute stuffed…. creature. On the tag, it read “Bob the Alien” and the name stuck. I fell head over heels with Bob and decided to buy it. I needed to find a way to turn this impulse buy into something useful. So I did what any rational adult does with a new stuffed animal… And brought him on my trip. I have seen so many pictures of garden gnomes, rubber duckies, or something sentimental that people can’t stand to part ways with and bring with them. So I thought, as I’ll be travelling alone, there won’t be many opportunities for me to take pictures of myself that aren’t selfies, so I might as well put Bob in the pictures.
It turns out, he’s an awesome pillow (I really can’t stand the airplane neck pillows), as well as a very efficient ice breaker. The fact that he can sit up right without any help makes him ideal for pictures. Plus who doesn’t love his goofy smile?

Loch Ness, Scotland
Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
Stonehenge, England

I’ve been trying to take pictures with him as often as possible, though sometimes I do forget. It does give me a good excuse to walk around Berlin and re-see the tourist sights that once you live here, you avoid at all costs. It has been a great ice-breaker and perfect excuse to really go out and explore.

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