I am leaving on January 5th, 2016 to go on an amazing adventure that may very well change my life! I will be moving to Berlin and working there at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum as an intern, I will be living life like a German, practicing my language skills and living on my own! But first, I will travel for a month all over the UK.

My flight lands at 5:30am, on January 6th, in Dublin, Ireland, where I will be staying for about 5 days. From there I will go to Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Oxford and London. All in the span of a month. I’ve never seen any of the UK (other than London-Heathrow airport) and decided to jump right in and see as much as I could before settling into Germany.

My flight from London will take my to Frankfurt on February 3rd, where I will stay for two days to deal with paperwork with my visa, and then I will head to Kassel to visit some friends before finally making my way to my new home in Berlin.


It’s going to be a crazy few weeks and I can’t wait!


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