I’m Moving to Germany!

Big Announcement!
I’m sure most of you already know… but I’m moving to Germany! I decided to do a year abroad to perfect my German language skills and finally live in that beautiful country that I am so in love with. I’m leaving on January 5th, 2016 and won’t be returning for over a year! I’m beyond excited, and the countdown is on!
Hann Muenden

I already have a job lined up in February in Berlin, I will definitely be posting about all my travels, and even have a new blog that I will be launching next week. I have quite a few blog posts coming up about travelling, so look out for those! I’ve been preparing myself slowly, writing list after list, trying to keep myself from packing 3 weeks too early.Before I move to Germany though, I will be travelling across the UK for the entire month of January. I have never been anywhere in the UK, other than the London Heathrow airport, but that doesn’t count, so might as well get some exploring done before I start my new job in Berlin! Here is my itinerary:

I’m leaving in 20 days!

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